The carousel (right) contains a very small sample of blog posts and other short pieces I have written. I maintain two blogs: Books Worth Reading, a book review site; and Editor to Writer, a file cabinet full of advice for writers. I do not review books I have had a hand in bringing to print. It's tempting, but I consider it a conflict of interest. I am, however, happy to answer questions through the Editor to Writer blog. Feel free to post a relevant question by way of the Comments, or ask a new one by e-mailing me. Please put "Editor to Writer" in the subject line.

Longer pieces include an in-house manual for editors using complex WordPerfect macros; a 3,000 word biographical essay for Salem Press's Great Lives series; and a piece of farm news for a local paper. I am flexible and can write to spec, in an appropriate voice, on most subjects for a general audience. As an editor, I appreciate the importance of following guidelines, and I am proficient with the Chicago Manual of Style and the AP, AMA, APA, and MLA style guides. I can apply other field and journal style guides as needed or compile project-specific style sheets.

I have many years of experience in reference publishing and can compile bibliographies and indexes that are useful and correctly styled. I am also able to mine a variety of source types, including spreadsheets and databases, for the construction or repackaging of uncompiled, or unformatted content.

Dog ParkForward

Faculty Creative Works 2015

2015 Faculty Creative Works is an alphabetical list of works by department > name > title. The content was extracted from multiple Excel files, sorted, de-duped, and formatted in Word.

Faculty Creative Works 2015

E-book covers are custom designed to suit story and genre, even when they cross pollinate. 

E-book page design

E-book page design is a critical but often overlooked step in the self-publishing process. I make sure the formatting is correct from beginning to end and add a little pizzazz to make a book stand out.