I usually edit in Word with Track Changes. On request, documents can also be edited in other applications, including WordPerfect or Google Docs. Mark up languages such as LaTex, XML, and HTML are edited in Notepad++ or an application of the client's choosing. I strongly recommend that all editing stages are complete before page layout or converting to PDF; I can, however, accommodate publishers who need more than a proofread on a PDF document. In all cases, edits are visible to the client to be accepted or rejected. All edits above the mechanical level are queried.

Publishers may request a short editing test. References are available.

Authors may submit 5-10 standard manuscript pages from the middle of a manuscript. I will return a sample edit of 3-5 of those pages with feedback and a quote. There is no charge for the sample edit.

Coaching is for writers who have a goal in mind and a problem they need help getting past to reach their goal. I will provide feedback and guidance on specific issues for authors who want some help or aren't sure whether a manuscript is ready for editing. I do not do beta reads or manuscript evaluations. To give a constructive assessment of a manuscript, I have to read it. If I have to read it, it will cost quite a lot and my feedback will amount to a development edit, in which case, a complete edit is a better deal. 

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